May 29, 2012


Here is a fine interview with Hans at COMICDOM, a website predominantly for Greek readers. The interview itself is in English, but the introductory text is in Greek. I've thoughtfully provided a Babelfish translation of the intro below:

[Sa] it was not enough difficult you make your own world, where the History, the laws and perhaps and the natural phenomena that we know differ to a great degree, exist and certain artists that go a step this [parapera] challenge. In the world that they make they do not only bring down the laws of Physics, but also those of logic, giving us somebodies from the more authentically strange histories that perhaps we have read. From other, certain, perhaps these worlds and their histories are not also for each one. And this it could explain also why in our own pedestrian and grey world artists as called this week, Hans Rickheit, it is not as long as popular it would be supposed. Sure this phenomenon is not owed in lack of talent or - much more - imagination, but in factors of that are not hour they are discussed. Because Rickheit allocates big reserve fund also the two, something that is obvious in his, very little unfortunately, works. Most characteristic these they can find itself in the various lines mini comics that it has published occasionally, usually with his in. [Gnostoteri], CHROME FETUS was assembled recently by Fantagraphics in a volume titled FOLLY: THE CONSEQUENCES OF INDISCRETION and constitutes a first class occasion for whoever it wishes it visits the world of Rickheit, there that the control they take pictures capable you haunt with their brutality and histories that seldom remove meaning. Something [sa] small glances in a world different from ours, through a degraded prism, however, that checks himself the author. The small histories, however, constitute one only part of his work. Rickheit has published also two graphic novels, CHLOE and THE SQUIRREL MACHINE - first alone him and second via Fantagraphics. Can see these two work (first, in deed has been also rewarded with Xeric Award) as a pass of duration in his world. At the same time, do his occupations include also other forms of Art (from illustration up to performance art), but also two webcomics in serialized form, the ECTOPIARY and COCHLEA &? EUSTACHIA, that can import in the world of Rickheit and most hesitant (from economic opinion). And, naturally, you can read also the interview that follows and enter in this world with driver himself his author, called this week, Hans Rickheit.

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