Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  About a year (or so) ago, I met Colin Panetta and Mark Velard in Northampton, MA at a small local convention ; two extraordinarily talented cartoonists operating under the moniker Mysterious Transmisions. I wasted no time and recommended them to my ally Alan Nidle (the infamous curator of the Zeitgeist Gallery) for a potential debut exhibition in a small gallery space he was renting in downtown Greenfield. He agreed on the condition that my own comics work be presented alongside theirs. The resulting show was a success (in that all attendees were enthusiastic and complete strangers showed up to gawk at the weird pictures ~ after fifteen tears of gallery trolling, I can assert that this qualifies as "successful"). 
  I was very pleased a few days ago to receive this unsolicited piece of fan art from Colin Panetta. I'm honored to include this effort among the C&E Fan Art, and I urge you to examine his other excellent works at his website.

CHLOE -Page 54

How come nobody else ever sees these things?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I wish I had one of these devices installed in my home.

CHLOE - Page 52

Perhaps the state of Chloe's father on this page is a reflection of the reader's condition at this point of the narrative.