Sep 9, 2020


 The French edition of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA is here! Julian De Huber Éditions has done a splendid job. The books exceeds all my expectations. The colors and production look amazing. This book also contains lots of extra material for the new reader. Even if you can't read French, I highly recommend this edition for your eyeballs!

Aug 19, 2020

DRAWING COMIX (08/19/20)

Here's what I did today.

Jul 27, 2020


What's that in the distance? A feeble distraction from the current armageddon, no doubt. Another page of C&E for your edification.

Jul 1, 2020

French COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA Sketches!

The French edition of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA is coming out from Huber Editions in September, and they asked me to draw little signed sketches for insertion for special collectors’ editions’ s I can’t sign the books in person.

I received a packet of 65 blank cards (save for the Huber Editions logo at the bottom), which I dutifully started drawing on each.

Initially, I tried to restrict myself to 30 seconds per drawing, but (as usually happens when I’m drawing with my headphones on, music softening my brain) my conscious brain shuts down after a certain point, and I incrementally spend a little more time per sketch. (I was alternating between drawing a Jeffrey head, and a random image) the drawings at the end are a little more involved than at the beginning. 

So, before I ship these little darlings across the ocean, to new owners and strange habitats where I will never see them again, I thought I ought to record them on video while they are still in my possession. Enjoy!

Jun 4, 2020

THE GLOAMING Issue 3 Print Edition Finally Available!

The third issue of Hans Rickheit's epic pornographic masterpiece THE GLOAMING is finally here in print form! The print run was very small, so hurry to get your copy now! Get yours HERE

(By the way, ordering this book is a tacit agreement that you are of legal age to receive sexually explicit material in the mail. I take no responsibility here!)

May 11, 2020

Drawing Comix 05/20

Here's another video of me drawing comix. Consider it a preview of THE GLOAMING #4.

Apr 1, 2020

Drawing Comix 03/21/20

Here's another video of me drawing a page of THE GLOAMING.

Mar 28, 2020


New page HERE

The story plods on! I don't know how long this comic is going to be; probably another hundred pages or so. Drawing this thing is a compulsion. More to come!

You can watch a video of me drawing this page :

You can support my comics-making efforts here:

I also have books printed! You can order some here:

Mar 4, 2020

Feb 18, 2020

Drawing Comics 02/11/20 - 02/18/20

Here I am, drawing a page of comics for THE GLOAMING #4.
Please remember, I am still raising funds to print issue 3 of this series! Contribute here:

Jan 15, 2020


In case you had any misconception that I know what I'm doing, here is the latest page of Cochlea & Eustachia.

Jan 6, 2020