Aug 22, 2013

SQUIRREL MACHINE Softcover Edition Back On The Shelves

My indescribable and strange novella graphique THE SQUIRREL MACHINE is available once again! You are hereby required to buy at least one copy immediately! Rush out to your local comics merchant or order one here!

Aug 16, 2013


This is the reason why comics production will be slow for the next few weeks. My father's run-down shack (which I currently occupy) needs some work which cannot be ignored. I hope to get it done before September.  Between this and my crappy day-job, I will have little opportunity to sit at my drawing board for a little while. Please have patience, friends, while my own is being dwindled.

Aug 6, 2013


This is why you should never piss off the wrong people.

CHLOE - Page 101

Sprung from the tiny nut-house into the larger one. The first panel from this page apparently inspired the tattoo posted below.  Due to my poor record-keeping skills, I no longer have the name of the person  who got this tattoo. If he/she is reading this now, perhaps they will speak up and resolve this mystery?