May 1, 2012

Hans Rickheit at MoCCA, 2012

 photo from moccany

It was a pleasure to be at the 10th anniversary MoCCA Art Festival. It's interesting to me that my latest book FOLLY should debut here, since my first book, the xeric-funded CHLOE, debuted at the 1st MoCCA Art Fest back in 2002. I remember it as a magical experience. While I was there, my comic strips were being featured in The Seattle Stranger, and it seemed that everybody who approached my table was abuzz about them. I recall the bus ride home, filled with a sense that I had finally floated to the surface above the quagmire of obscurity and found a hungry audience for my perverse scrawls.

photo by Krissy Dorn
Spectacularly, book sold out at the event. Evidently, my enervated demeanor did not diminish public response.

photo by Krissy Dorn
The above (slightly unfocused) photo is from my interview with Brian Heater in front of a full-house audience of thousands of enthralled enthusiasts. You can rest assured that I dazzled them with my eloquence, charm and wit and did not make a single embarrassing remark about body parts. There was a standing ovation and P. Craig Russell stepped up to the stage, kissed me on the forehead, proclaiming me his godson.*

 photo by Jen Vaughn

That evening, I enjoyed an excellent plate of mussels at Stuzzi's Ristorante on Broadway with Jason, Frederik Stromberg along with the Fantagraphics crew - Jacq, Jen and Kristy, who were extraordinarily gracious and generous hostesses.

photo by Krissy Dorn
The above photo, taken by my extremely patient and enduring girlfriend, Krissy, is a fair depiction of my condition on the 2nd day, as we both prepare to flee the urban environs of NYC to our quaint country hovel in quiet western Mass.

* (some portions of this post have been embellished with misleading statements.)

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