Jun 25, 2012


Life is being shaken up again, and I have to move. I'm returning to my childhood home amidst the trees and lakes of Ashburnham, Massachusetts. My father has offered to let me and my lady occupy this old lakeside property in exchange for renovations and upkeep. It's a "charming" place that holds many memories. It is this place (and the town around it) that inspired CHLOE and THE SQUIRREL MACHINE. It will be interesting to see what furture projects will emanate there.
Webcomics updates will be on hold for the next week or two until I have settled in. I don't particularly relish delaying the comics output. ECTOPIARY is reaching a critical point in the story, so I am anxious to get back to work on it soon.

Jun 22, 2012

CHLOE - Page 29

I don't know why I find those oversized kidney-shaped things so compelling to draw.

Jun 20, 2012


I've altered the webcomics sites to include a somewhat more streamlined "STORE" page. (You are encouraged to view it HERE.) FOLLY, SQUIRREL MACHINE and CHLOE are now available for purchase directly from ME. (That way I make more on these book sales on top of my usual royalty) I'm aware that some links are still broken. I hope to have it fixed by the end of this week when I have time.
Also, be aware the Fantagraphics has now SOLD OUT of THE SQUIRREL MACHINE. I have a handful of copies for sale, but supplies are very limited, so act fast!

ECTOPIARY - Page 104

Apologies about the late update. Most of the upcoming scene is very difficult for me to draw. I had toss out one page and redraw it. This is one of things that worried me about keeping a regular weekly update schedule. I have a tendency to get fed up with whole sequences and rework several pages of material excessively. A regular deadline forces me to let slide material that does not stand up to my perfectionist standards. Bear with me...

CHLOE - Page 28

Some of these places are real.

Jun 15, 2012

CHLOE - Page 27

I like goats just because they have horizontal irises.

Jun 13, 2012


Read this provocative review by S.I. Rosenbaum (an individual to whom I recommend caution before expressing personal wishes.)


Personally, I think people who sleep with one of those things above their bed deserve what they get.

CHLOE - Page 26

Another true experience.

Jun 12, 2012


Technical difficulties (Internet connection issues) are delaying tonight's comic updates. I hope to resolve this problem soon.

Jun 7, 2012

CHLOE - Page 25

Chloe's forehead looks preposterously swollen in panel 3. It amazes me what I thought of being an "acceptable" drawing back in 1999....

Jun 5, 2012

ECTOPIARY - Page 103

I often bring things back home with me after a sojourn in the woods.

CHLOE - Page 24

The store where I used to steal smokes as a teenager did not look very different.

Jun 2, 2012


  I am overwhelmed with an abundance of fan art this week! Receiving these things gives me the incentive I desperately need to plod onwards with my own comics-makings!  Please visit the Fan Art Page at the C&E Website and pore over these latest addition to my horde! (Links to each artists' individual are provided at the C&E Sute.)