Mar 20, 2016

ECTOPIARY - Page 127

Dale springs into action in the latest page of ECTOPIARY!

Mar 19, 2016

COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA from the pages of SLEAZY SLICE (in color!)

Sorry for the lengthy radio silence. I've just recently acquired a Huion GT220 drawing tablet/monitor and wanted to try it out on a side project.
I decided to color this 15-Page Adult Comic I drew for Robin Bougie's amazing Sleazy Slice underground smutcomix anthology (circa 2014). I thought it would be fun to draw an explicitly pornographic C&E comic. It turned out to be a real challenge.
I tried to make it as sleazy as possible but I fear my sensibilities are a tad too "genteel" for the task. Sleazery is an art unto itself. I am humbled whenever I see a master of the form at work.