Aug 30, 2012

CHLOE - Page 41

I tend to shout this about many different things.

Aug 28, 2012

ECTOPIARY - Page 110

More panels featuring Dale running.

CHLOE - Page 40

I wonder how many readers identify with this scene; sneaking out in the middle of the night.

Aug 23, 2012

CHLOE - Page 39

I was also adept at sulking in my bedroom as a youth.

Aug 21, 2012


One should really learn to expect this sort of thing.

ECTOPIARY - Page 109


CHLOE - Page 38

Fortunately, I've never had to have this particular conversation with my own father....

Aug 18, 2012

C&E Fan Art by Pete Fairfax

Pete Fairfax sent me this exquisite illustration some weeks back. I only just got around to uploading it today.  I think it's a wonderful depiction, and I strongly recommend that you check out more of his superb artwork at!
As always, I will gleefully accept all fan art and post them on the C&E Website. If you even slightly feel the urge to attempt your own pictorial interpretation of of any of my characters, send it my way immediately!

Aug 16, 2012

CHLOE - Page 37

Sneaking into the house late at night is common experience for most teenagers, I think.

Aug 14, 2012

ECTOPIARY - Page 108

It's probably not a good thing when policemen march through your front door in large groups.

CHLOE - Page 36

Don't mind Conrad's dialogue. I just like the word "fulcrum." I'm always looking for excuses to use it.

Aug 9, 2012

CHLOE - Page 35

At the time, it seemed appropriate that Chloe had very little dialogue. Like her, as a a teenager, I did not have much to say, I guess.

Aug 7, 2012


Will the vicarious be rewarded? Click and see, my little peepers!

ECTOPIARY - Page 107

THINGS are imminent.

CHLOE - Page 34

I am the same way.

Aug 2, 2012

CHLOE - Page 33

The cats are real.