Oct 30, 2013

CHLOE - BIg Update

For a number of reasons, I've decided to post the rest of CHLOE online in a single update. The entire 132 page graphic novel is now available for free! Nonetheless, you are encouraged to buy a copy of the actual book and help me continue drawing comics! Enjoy!

Oct 22, 2013


I believe this is the last page of the book. I may change the artwork for this page for the print edition. I haven't decided for certain. Let's wait until we get there.

I'll be spending the next few months preparing the book for the color edition to be released this Spring from Fantagraphics Books! I'll also be focusing on some top-secret side projects and commissions. 

Despair not : I do have more C&E stories planned. I am also outlining another graphic novel. I may also attempt tackling Ectopiary again. Who knows what I'll do? 

Thank you all for your attention. Please buy the book when it comes out, and tell your friends. Treat each other with compassion and think for yourselves!

My best to you all!

CHLOE - Page 106

This does occur.

Oct 11, 2013


A surprisingly lucid review of my book by Fangoria Magazine. My twelve-year-old-self is thrilled!

Oct 3, 2013

Book Signing, October 6

On Sunday, I'll be participating in this book signing event put together by my favorite comic shop, The Million Year Picnic.
Event runs all weekend from 10am - 6pm. I'll be there at 2 o'clock. The location is Harvard Book Store Warehouse, 14 Park Street, Somerville, Ma. More info can be obtained at: http://www.harvard.com/events/summer_warehouse_sale/

Oct 1, 2013


Some ingrates can only grumble.

CHLOE - Page 105

Kids say the darndest things.