Jul 1, 2020

French COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA Sketches!

The French edition of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA is coming out from Huber Editions in September, and they asked me to draw little signed sketches for insertion for special collectors’ editions’ s I can’t sign the books in person.

I received a packet of 65 blank cards (save for the Huber Editions logo at the bottom), which I dutifully started drawing on each.

Initially, I tried to restrict myself to 30 seconds per drawing, but (as usually happens when I’m drawing with my headphones on, music softening my brain) my conscious brain shuts down after a certain point, and I incrementally spend a little more time per sketch. (I was alternating between drawing a Jeffrey head, and a random image) the drawings at the end are a little more involved than at the beginning. 

So, before I ship these little darlings across the ocean, to new owners and strange habitats where I will never see them again, I thought I ought to record them on video while they are still in my possession. Enjoy!

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