Jan 30, 2018


So, I have something of a major announcement to make. 

The COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA webcomic has now moved to a new location. I am in the process of shutting down all online archives of the comic and consolidating them at the Tabulit Comics Site ( tabulitcomics.com ).

I am making this move because posting my comics online for free and getting income from advertising or merchandising is not a realistic prospect. On many of the mirror sites I feel like I am simply providing free content for parasites who collect advertising revenue off my generated traffic. I think many other cartoonists who’ve showcased their work online are coming to a similar conclusion. 

Over the years I’ve built up fairly decent-sized following of readers, many of whom have made insightful and witty comments; not to mention the amazing people who sent in unsolicited fan art, all of which I cherish. In spite of this, I feel like I’ve become an “enabler” of people who’ve become accustomed to getting free stuff online at the expense of the creators’ time and effort. 

I hope that doesn’t sound accusatory. I myself enjoy all sorts of free online content, but whenever possible, I support creators as much as is within my means. I am deeply, deeply grateful for my own Patreons supporters. However, the number of paying patrons is less than 0.03% of my regular readers. I would very much like to change this.

So, for those who wish to read more of the current COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA comic, you have 3 options:

1 - Wait until the current storyline is finished and is printed in graphic novel format. This might take another 2 or 3 years, so patience is helpful.

2 - Join up and subscribe to Tabulit. ( https://www.tabulitcomics.com/cochlea-eustachia ) The subscription fee is $6.99. Not only will you be supporting me and my own weird creations, but you’ll be helping to support a host of many other alternative cartoonists, all producing quality work. Tabulit is a young, ambitious company, still in its beginning stages, but bound to grow. I predict that many online cartoonists will start joining sites like this in future days.

3 - For those who don’t want to pay the Tabulit fee, you can always become a Patreon supporter. ( https://www.patreon.com/hansrickheit ) A donation of just 25¢ per comics update is the minimum contribution to continue seeing new episodes of C&E as they are completed. (A regular donation of $2.50 will get you genuine pencil sketches mailed to you monthly!)

As a positive note, by subscribing or becoming a patron, you will definitely help me to spend more time drawing comics, increasing my output and less time toiling away at my shitty day-job. 

As always, I am grateful for your attention. Future updates will be announced soon. I sincerely hope you’ll be there to receive them!

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