Jun 17, 2015


Three years have passed, but ECTOPIARY is back!

IT has been a long while, but I've decided to try and pick the storyline up again. Many parts of the website are still out-of-date, and it will take a few months before I can re-format the previous 115 pages. Any and all feedback regarding the website is much appreciated!

Also, I've altered the PATREON site to reflect that I'm now drawing two comic strips on regular basis. (Not to mention the DELIA, the collaboration between my wife, Krissy Dorn, and myself) If you've been waiting for an impetus to show your support, this would a wonderful time to start!

Because I am dividing my time between these various cartooning projects (not including my day-job and a few secret projects) I cannot promise a regularly-occuring update schedule. Most likely, I'll be alternating between posting a page of ECTOPIARY and COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA as I complete them.