Jun 18, 2013

Weep Not, Wee Ones

The current story arc of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA is drawing to its conclusion. There is no longer a buffer of finished pages, so each update is posted directly after it's completed. Inevitably, delays will occur as I hustle to finish the book. There are only a four or five pages left to this specific narrative.

It took awhile before people started to notice, but ECTOPIARY is currently on indefinite hiatus. This is one of the drawbacks to online comics-making. 
When I was working on SQUIRREL MACHINE, I drew three different drafts before I managed to squeeze out the final version. I doubt that readers would have the patience to observe this creative process in weekly installments on a website.
I don't want to get into the details for my own dissatisfaction with the comic and where it was going. It is very likely that I may NEVER resume the book. If anybody with the ability wishes to attempt writng and drawing it, I would be very interested in seeing the results. 

In the meantime, I am working on a number of secret projects which I hope to unveil before the year is up.  Also, I am plotting the next COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA book, which I hope to post online IN COLOR this Fall.  In addition, I am gathering notes and ides for another graphic novel, which I hope will cohere better than previous efforts. We shall see.

I am grateful for the interest and enthusiasm people have shown. And I hope to eventually produce something worthy of attention. Thank you,.


  1. Understood. Can't wait for the other continuations! :)

  2. I actually think Ectopiary is some of your strongest work, and I've really enjoyed it. It'd be a shame to see it left unfinished. But I know what a struggle it is to persist with something you're unsure of, or have lost faith in. I look forward to seeing what other follies you concoct :)