Apr 25, 2012

FOLLY in my mailbox

Well, a few days ago, that is.

Hans showed you his copy of FOLLY, now I show you mine. I received it earlier this week, and it is indeed a wonder. In fact, mine came with bonus hair:

I have a few issues of Hans' self published comic CHROME FETUS (the namesake of this blog), from which FOLLY: The Consequences of Indiscretion derives its content, and was enthralled with them. So much so that when Hans put out a call for help last year, I answered.

Don't forget, the convention debut of FOLLY happens this weekend at this year's MoCCA Fest in New York City. Hans will be in attendance (I will be as well, but only as a spectator), and is scheduled for his own panel. From the MoCCA Fest website:

"Hans Rickheit in Conversation"

Hans Rickheit, Brian Heater
Brian Heater takes on Hans Rickheit--musician, performance artist, cartoonist. 

Saturday, 3:15PM in Room B

If you are in the area, or can otherwise travel from far and wide, grab a badge and say hi to Hans! (And me, should I happen to be lurking around his table)

In other news, we are working on a couple of new offerings I hope to announce soon.

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