Mar 15, 2012

Welcome to the new blog

You see before you the new blog dedicated to the works of Hans Rickheit.

I'm not Hans Rickheit.

My name is Christian, and I'll be your host. Or something. Basically I'm here to help Hans out and give him a chance to work on his projects with as minimal fuss over this web stuff as I can give him. So, while I'm sure he'll make his presence known here occasionally, you'll be hearing from me more often with update notices on Ectopiary and Cochlea & Eustachia, upcoming appearances, etc.

In fact, those updates have already started as Ectopiary relaunched earlier this week after a several month hiatus. The break was to allow Hans a chance to get ahead on Ectopiary, and time allowing Cochlea & Eustachia as well.

A few announcements are coming up, but for now I'll just say "Hi, nice to meet ya."

And talk to you soon.